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Various Ways to Overcome Social Anxiety

Social anxiety disorder is getting more and more common among people of different walks of life. Common reasons that cause social anxiety disorder would be environmental factors that pertain to problems, changes and uncomfortable situations that people have to deal with, especially sudden changes and loss that can greatly affect anyone.

3 Steps to Approach Women


Although women are constructed of the same basic organic components and composed of the same oganelles as a man there is this great divide that clearly separates the two sexes which makes the former an enigma to the latter.  Exhibit A is your modern day Einstein who can memorize by heart every theory and law in the world of science but has a complete psychological blackout when placed in the presence of a woman whilst Exhibit B is your regular outgoing helpful guy who is never...

News Of The World - Phone Hacking Scandal. Is this you?


As you will know the news has been filled this week with allegations of phone hacking by The News of the World which is now under police investigation.
Many of the participants in this ongoing saga whether guilty or not guilty are now being judged by the world at large before the matter ever going to Court.  What individuals say to the press at this time is vital to their overall credibility.  It is very alarming that individuals can be judged by what they say and how they perform through body language and behaviour but it is a fact of life....

How to take Questions from the Audience


How to speak in front of an audience is one thing. How to take questions from the audience is another. While the former takes up majority of the task of a public speaker, he or she must also be well-versed and adept in handling questions from the public. This is because most public speaking engagements allot a few minutes to open the floor to discussions. Even if that’s not the case, a speaker who is a public figure or a renowned personality will almost surely encounter ambush interviews or unforeseen questions immediately after a speaking engagement.

Men are craving freedom - How to give this so he always craves you!


Men and women have their own ‘psychi’ when it comes to understanding the opposite sex. When a man has had a busy day he will not always pour out his heart and display his emotions in the same way as a woman. To a woman this behaviour can transcend into feelings of abandonment or neglect. THIS IS NOT THE CASE as a man feels the built in need for space and to be at one with his inner self.

Meeting Your Needs with a Man - Without being 'Needy'


When you next become overwhelmed by a feeling, even if its the Royal Wedding tomorrow, however it manifests itself, whether a feeling of insecurity, frustration, depression to happiness put pen to paper and share the experience with yourself. 

To be fully aware of your inner most feelings and to know how to act upon them before sharing with others is vital.  Before sharing your feelings please observe the following 7 points which I know will help in your quest for understanding and creating powerful relationships with men. 

The Misconception of Good Looking People


I received an email four weeks ago from a gentleman named Neil who was experiencing great concern with his struggle in how to meet women as he felt he did not display obvious physical attributes and felt he was not particularly 'good looking' in the conventional way. This is a very familiar story that I have heard many times and a total misconception, predominantly created by our social environment and imposed on us by media stereotypes and celebrity magazines.

How to turn 'Strangers' into 'Relationships'

In this fast moving hectic world it is easy to become cynical and categorize our fellow citizens. It is our different lifestyles and cultural differences that make us all truly unique. Our challenges are different and our goals are far apart, depending on our place in the world. Unfortunately most of us only engage with others that appear to be the same as us, which actually restricts our personal growth in many areas. A prime example of this

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