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 Enhance your ability to communicate with women. Techniques resulting in automatic attraction. Weekend Programme with live interactions with women.

"Adam will personally undertake numerous demonstrations on how to approach any women in any situation and create a connection using these techniques and will you"

You and just seven others will get to enjoy the entire weekend (25 hours of training) with Adam Cumberland our Founder and his team where you will experience the teachings and methods of BMG.  

"How to start a conversation to aquiring her information & instant dates"

Our programme is an entire philosophy, the BMG philosophy, so that no matter where you are in an interaction, you will know how to get to the next step.  This is a serious education utilising everything Adam and the team at BMG have learnt over the past decade.  This is how to become an effective communicator not only with women but with everyone

"No routines.  No scripted lines.  We are not Pickup Artists"

We do not teach routines, we do not teach lines, we teach people to be more of who they are.  There are structures, principles, tools and techniques which will give you the results you want but each individual will present them differently as we are all unique and therefore different.  It’s about bringing more of you to the table.  A Saturday and a Sundaywill change your life.

"Will Adam Cumberland actually run this programme?"

Absolutely.  Even though Adam is in demand in other areas he still teaches The DNA of Communication Programme himself with his team in London, New York, Los Angeles and now Dubai.  

"Are you making excuses when not speaking with women?"

The BMG Philosophy is not just our work, it’s our way of life, we live it everyday.  We all know how easy it is to make an excuse not to talk to a particular woman.  We make sure you get that required growth by immersing you in live interaction after live interaction with women, tailoring things to your needs so you get the required immediate growth.  Adam will be personally watching you, encouraging you, making suggestions and giving you feedback and of course demonstrating consistently.

"Support structure"

You will receive an instant support structure.  Adam and the team will give you all the support you could ever need.  Plus, you get the support of the other seven gentlemen in your group that are just as keen to learn as you.  Many of you will become very close friends.  This is about genuine transformation, because the success is right there in front of you in your own live interactions. 

"The DNA of Communication Programme schedule"

Saturday   Sunday  
0845 Introduction and Goals 0845 Review
0915 Theory Session 0945 Theory/Excerices
1045   Theory Session/Exercises  1200 Working Lunch/Theory
1200 Working Lunch/Theory 1300 Live Interactions
1300 Roll playing 1600 Theory
1530 Live Interactions 1730 Belief Change Process
1830 Essential Break 1900 Debrief
2100 Live Interactions 2000 Q&A
2400 Debrief  2200 Enjoy

"Your goals"

On the first morning you will meet our Founder Adam and the team and we will go through what you want to achieve, your goals and what you wish to gain from the experience.  A client will often come to us with a goal such as,  

"I want to be able to approach women consistently without feeling worried or concerned about it" 

and we get that handled in the first couple of hoursClients may then move on to the next sticking point,  

"How can I keep the conversation interesting?"  then  

"how can I create sexual tension?"  We all have numerous goals:

"Opening a conversation with ease no matter where you see women."

"How to spark attraction and increase attraction."

"When to touch & how to touch."

"Handling group dynamics."

"How to approach women in your everyday lives and not just in bars."

"How to escalate the interaction to a desired outcome."

"Timing of when to aquire information and how."

"Making your intentions clear - so not perceived as just another freind."

"When and how to make it sexual and the multiple ways of doing so."

"How to handle resistance."

"How to change the way you feel about certain situations."

"What to do with other men that try to sabortage your interactions."

"How to interact with men as well as women."

"How to build freinds and relationships."

"Maximising on body language so words are not needed."

"How to influence and lead others through non verbal communication."

And so many more…

"When you reach your goals - you can't go back"

At BMG it is our committed obligation to ensure that you not only achieve these goals but that you bypass any expectation.  We have had clients break through 15 + goals in a single day.  They cannot go back, they have evolved as a person.  This is about genuine transformation that can only be achieved from an interactive programme with live interactions.  We know so many people that have been book smart on this topic that could not actually interact with the world.  On this programme - we break free of our comfort zone, take action and are rewarded with immediate results.

"The theory"

This is where we teach you structures of language and as long as your intentions are good, how to influence.  We have strategies to open conversations so women want to hear what you have to say that create anticipation which builds attraction.

"We teach you how to turn dull conversations around."

"How to raise your own social status through language as well as body languge."

"How to make women feel comfortable instantly but without supplicating or coming across needy."

"We teach you how to calibrate to each interaction through body language to voice tonality."

"How to gather information so you can escalate the situation and make appropriate closes."

"Concerned about running out of conversation?" 

We give you a strategy so you never run out of things to say, ever.  We practice this in our 5 Star conference room before utlising in live interactions.  

"Beleive you might not come across interesting when interacting with women?".  

We will share an exercise which we practice that will eradicate this problem forever.  Not only you learn the theory but you practice it in a controlled environment where you can enjoy making mistakes whilst you hone your ability. 

"Ever wanted to control your mindset?"

This is paramount - We then create the perfect mindset through hypnotic inductions before heading out to interact with the women of the world.

"Body language"

You will learn body language which is critically important.  55% of our communication is body language and therefore essential to fully understand.  We practice this in our conference room before putting into action.  

"Did you know that we can only process consciously between 3 and 6 things at any given moment?" 

Adam and his team will observe your behaviour and will note obvious mistakes that you simply cannot be aware of and will make appropriate suggestions by giving informatvie feedback. 

"How to capitalise your interactions with Non Verbal Communication?"

You will learn Non Verbal Communication (NVC) through gestures, touching, posture, facial expressions and the big one - eye contact.  This is crucial. Boys verses Men here gentlemen.  We have two exercises here which will feel uncomfortable in the moment but the rewards are well worth it.

"How do I increase attraction?"

You will discover how to gauge her attraction for you.  Right from the start before you even engage.  If she doesn’t have any attraction for you, we teach you how to get that attraction and then how to increase the attraction further.  You will practice this with our female experts. 

"Does it feel like women are sometimes testing you or resisting you?"

Our female experts will teach you how to handle any resistance from women which most of the time isn’t actually resistance but rather women testing you.  This is actually very healthly that women do this.  They will give each and every one of you direct feedback to your approach and style, from body language to tonality.  

"How to create lasting change"

We will then go out during the day and create some magic moments with women.  You will observe Adam demonstrate live interactions which is essential to your understanding of what is truly possible.  This is where the growth really happens, this is where you make a difference. This is the revolutionary BMG way of teaching.  Only after seeing Adam in will do the same.  We enjoy engaging with so many people again and again and again.  So much fun.  When you experience these positive interactions we will not have to convince you of your success as you will be 'in the moment' making it happen.  The success will be right there in front of you in your own live interactions.  Most women are looking for a serendipity moment when they get swept off their feet and with these new found skills and strategies firmly set in your mind and body this outcome is inevitable. 

"How to make my intentions known that I want to be more than freinds?" 

We teach you how to escalate an interaction to a sexual nature through touching but there are specific ways of carrying this out to ensure no resistance and to avoid coming across sleazy.  We also show you the specific ways of verbally making your intentions clear - timing is crucial here.  You will never be in the 'friend zone' again after this.  

"We will show you how to communicate with women during the day as well as the social scene at night"

In the evening we will go out again with Adam and immerse ourselves in social environments and put the BMG philosphy into practice.  Many of our clients report that they have initiated more sober interactions by this time of the programme than they have in their entire lives.  Can you imagine the confidence that would bring?  When you go out with us, your ability will automatically be raised to a higher level.  

"Do you have negative beliefs associated with meeting new people?"

Beliefs govern our whole reality.  Beliefs start and finish wars.  A belief can be described as a table top with legs.  The table top is an idea and the legs of the table are reference points that hold up that idea.  When I think back to when I was younger - I 'believed' I was poor at meeting women as I remember standing next to girls with my freinds talking to the girls with myself unable to engage.  That was a reference point that held up my belief.  I had another reference point (another leg of the table) I remember - I was sitting in a bar with women to the left and right of me, I wanted to talk but the words would not come to my mind...I said nothing.  All these reference points in life cement firmly in our mind our beliefs.  There is only one way of changing these negative beliefs - We have to create new reference points.  Over the duration of this programme you will create so many new reference points to support a whole new belief system about meeting others.  This is when you transcend to another level of concious awareness and life becomes rather exciting.

"How to create a connection so she desires to be with you"

You will learn how to create a deeper bond with women so they never forget you.  We will get you there within the first 5 to 6 minutes of the interactionThis is what will separate you from all the other guys out there.  

"Assessment of ability"

Sunday morning we have an assessment.  We have had clients share stories about results and experiences they have had.  Sometimes we hear stories where clients end up in different hotels to the ones they checked into - but that’s their business.  

"Belief Change Reinforcement Process"

After another session of interacting with others - Adam will then take you through a concentrated powerful process where he instils in you and reinforces the exact opposite beliefs to the ones that were previously holding you back so that you become a force forever driving forward long after the programme.  This process alone is potent.  

"Enjoy instant dates whilst on the programme"

The team will teach you how to set up instant dates and many of you in your group will enjoy instant dates on the programme itself.  We will guide you on how best to arrange a second meet up with suggestions on locations, timings and venues.

"How do you engage with larger groups?"

Adam will show you how to handle group dynamics and how to start the conversation whether it is one girl with four guys or a group of women.  It's essential to know this and Adam will demonstrate this in real time before watching you do the same.

"What kind of results can I expect?"

By Sunday all your abilities will be in a very different place.  In the last two months Adam has had gentlemen approaching him with concerns about how to start a conversation with women - who are now interacting with ten plus women every single day that they are genuinely attracted to and now they are having to reject women.  It's a very different level of understanding that will have you living an extraordinary life.

"Creating a habit of being a great communicator"

Most men have been hypnotised by the world around them.  Magazines, newspapers, television and the media in general have confused the ease in how to connect with women. 

For 95% of the gentlemen out there it is not a habit to have multiple interactions with attractive women on a daily basis in their everyday lives.  Adam and the BMG team will make this a habit for you and what better habit in the world than to have a habit of being an excellent communicator.  

"We offer a complete money back guarentee"

If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, let any team member know and you will receive a full refund.  If your ability and understanding hasn't vastly improved whist on the programme itself you will be refunded.  We stand by everything that we do here because we know it works and so do the countless men that have enjoyed this programme.

This is so much more than boy meets girl.  This is about quality of your life.  Life is relationships.  When we master the skills of being able to connect with anyone at anytime life truly becomes exhilerating.

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