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Attract women effortlessly in all situations.  Discover strategies and conversational skills that create automatic attraction.

STOP...I challenge you to read every word below to find out what's really holding you back.

What other gentleman attend this event?

  • Men bored of Online Dating - Now wanting to meet women in the day
  • Men that are in relationships but feel deep down that it doesn't feel right
  • Guys that want to increase their social ability
  • People looking for confidence with women in everyday situations
  • Men who want a richer understanding of male and female dynamics
  • People that have specific questions related to women, dating and creating great relationships

I want to invite you to join me at this MEN only Event:

'Attraction Anytime Anywhere'

where I will expose the secrets of communication between men and women.  I will literally show you how to meet women effortlessly in everyday situations.

"Stop Chasing Women - Instead, Start Attracting Women"

"I learnt more about how to meet women from Adam in 4 hours than I have in my entire life"
George Rayner.  New York - Banker


"How would it feel to have all the tools to live a life of absolute choice with women? What if you could learn a formula for connecting with women in any situation with absolute certainty."

I will show you how to deploy my BMG philosophy to achieve a science for connecting with women.  You are going to learn it and master it. 

Let me share with you some of the lessons you will discover:

"Do you feel that you are sometimes losing control with women?"

I will share core principles that puts you back in the driving seat and ensures you stay there.

"Does it seem like women are sometimes using mind games with you?"

We will uncover the psychology of women - This will save you years of frustration and prevent repeating unwanted patterns.


"I mean come on, there is an unspoken expectation that as a man you should just know how to meet women, or anyone for that matter, which is in fact a myth at best or a big fat lie.  Now I know and now I can thanks to you Adam"   Thom - North Carolina, USA   


"Adam's teachings have elevated him to being a leading authority on social interaction.  His material and personal struggles shared at the seminar gave me the inspiration and knowledge I was looking for"  Patrick Burn, London

"Have you ever noticed or indeed ever realised that your mind will sometimes ‘trick you’ out of success with women?"

This condition emanates from mixed beliefs.  I will guide you on a proven method to break free of those limiting beleifs permanently.  


"I realised that the biggest step for me was actually attending the seminar - Now I feel I have a clear plan on how to meet women and create the relationships I want - Thank you Adam
Nicholas Jenkins.  Surrey - I.T

"Are you hesitant and nervous about approaching women?  Have problems with keeping a particular woman in your life?"

I will share a strategy that will replace any negative thought processes with a core masculine confidence.

"Ever wondered how to spark more attraction with women?"

We will show you 3 simple steps that will trigger instant attraction without a word passing your lips.

"Do you ever feel that women just seem oblivious to your needs and show no interest?" 

I will share a technique that will make you become the forthright person in the any interaction and conversation - Woman will now show enthusiasm and interest and hang on your every word.


"Ever wanted to meet women during the day in your everyday life?"


We will share with you new ideas for meeting women and how to capilise on these situations.




“Adam has the ability to break down old patterns that prevent you from being your true self.  Now, I am not dictated by old beliefs, I feel I can move forward in life on my terms"  Jason Killkenny.  Manchester - Media

"Do you ever ramble in conversation?" 

I will demonstrate a technique that will control your speech and encourage woman to participate much more in the conversation whilst simultaneously accelerating her attraction towards you.

"Do you ever feel negative feelings that hold you back when trying to approach a women?"

I want to show you how to turn negative ‘Approach Anxiety’ into a positive force that actually drives you forward into more everyday interactions with women.

"Would you like a 'Switch' for more confidence?"

To achieve a state of absolute confidence you have to understand what confidence is.  I will break down in detail and guide you on how to create a 'switch' for yourself so you can 'switch on demand' the feeling of confidence in the future in whatever situation you should find yourself in.

"Have you ever dwelled on past mistakes?"

We want to show you how to train your mind to learn from your mistakes instead of dwelling upon them.  

Discover how to gain the attention of women and the art of commanding respect - This doesn't make you controlling but it does put you in control.

Understand how to build attraction and create anticipation through 'Non Verbal Communication' 

"An exact science for meeting women"

This event is designed to give each individual a 'Step by Step' plan to fulfil their own particular needs that will ensure and cement within themselves the desired results for connecting with women and the world at large.

"Thousands of men already enjoying results from this seminar"

My team and I have shown thousands of men how to turn a dull walk to work every day into a fun way of meeting new and exciting women.

"Results in this area of life is a choice"

I have given this seminar to audiences throughout the world and met some amazing guys from all different walks of life.  I have heard every excuse and reason under the sun about why they can't get results.  The truth is the more personal you feel your requirements are the more universal they really are.  You are not alone. 

Come meet me face to face and share your story with me and I will show you regardless of your back ground how you can have what you want.

Most guys are unaware of what they are doing wrong, they just know there not getting the results they would like - the truth is that they are so close to having everyhthing they want with women.  Some guys are doing the right thing but at just the wrong time. 

Meeting women and creating daily dates in your everyday life should be easy and effortless.  And it soon will be for you.

"We offer a complete money back guarentee"

If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, let us know and you will receive a full refund.  We stand by everything that we do here because we know it works and so do the thousands of men that have enjoyed this seminar. You will also have the opportunity to ask me any personal questions yourself after the seminar.    

If deep down you feel that this area of life could be improved upon then I would like to invite you to join me at my next seminar so I can show you how your relationships and life can really take off.

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I look forward to introducing you to my BMG Philosophy and sharing with you techniques, strategies and conversational skills that you can put into practice right away.  This is an opportunity for you to really create the life you want with the women you want.  At this price it's practically RISK FREE for you and a chance for me to demonstrate that I not only know what I'm talking about but that I can actually help you to go beyond what you currently think is possible for your life.

I look forward to meeting you in person.

P.S. Good looks and money do NOT attract women - Honest, authentic, potent communication is what attracts women.

Seminar will be held in Mayfair, London.  Details will be emailed to you after ticket purchased. 

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"Read what others have to say about our seminar"


"For me personally it was so much more than just meeting women, it has changed my beliefs not just about women but about life in general.  I even said to Adam after the Event that it feels like my reset button has been pressed.  It’s true though, my mind has been opened to a new way of life which is a thousand times more fun"  Stephen Taylor.


"I realised in life that if I wanted something so bad no one was actually going to hand it to me.  I wanted better relationships.  I wanted to meet women when I saw them walking by in the street.  I dont know any guys that can do that. The biggest step for me was attending the event - Thank God I did.  I now have conversational skills and more importantly the mindset to enjoy approaching women whilst other men mearly watch and secretly wish they could. Thanks Adam - you are truly changing lives"   Felix Knight - London


"The Q and A session with Adam made me realise just how knowledgable Adam is on the subject of boy meets girl.  I feel I have grown and matured as a person.  Before the seminar I met one girl a week at best - Now I meet girls daily in my everyday life.  Every single guy has to do this.  It transformed my life.
Zak Craven.  London - Interior Designer