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Headquartered in London. We specialise in teaching inter-personal communication skills

Our founder Adam Cumberland the European authority on social interaction and the creator of the BMG philosophy™ realised that over the years, society at large had become less effective communicators and set about finding a solution to this problem. 

Adam peeled back the layers of communication, years of communication trends before discovering the very DNA of inter-personal communication. This was quite some journey that took Adam back to the very dawn of time, to that first conversation when Adam met Eve in the Garden of Eden. Given the significance of this first ‘boy-meets-girl’ event we named the company after it, BMG.

From this first conversation Adam constructed a complete modern day communication philosophy that ignores the misleading stereotypes that society has engrained into us.

However, having this information was one thing, but as a company we needed an effective means of passing this knowledge onto our clients. Adam stood on the shoulders of giants, the creators of hypnosis and neural linguistic programming and took the next step and developed BMG Techniques™, which is unquestionably the most effective means of education.

Today our clients vary widely from private individuals through to fortune 500 companies. Communication is a very wide subject.  Over the years we have developed products and services tailored for numerous niche markets. 

BMG Connections is unique because of 3 things:


BMG is much more than teaching communication techniques, it’s a way of life.  We have a complete communication philosophy that once adopted will become engrained into you and form part of your personality enhancing all areas of your life.

Methodology of teaching:

We don’t just teach from manuals and in workshops but adopt an alternative hands-on approach. Our advanced BMG Techniques™ instil the knowledge deep within you. We programme the information into your subconscious by leveraging some of the most advanced BMG Techniques™ allowing our students to express their true authentic self whilst making the communication a natural and fluid part of their personality.


We are aware of the differences between the class room and the real world. We embrace this by teaching in the real world, with those real world pressures. Our clients put their new knowledge and abilities into practice immediately and see immediate results. BMG Techniques™ are held accountable against real-world results.

BMG Connections Adam Cumberland The DNA of Communication